There is a vast amount of information about nutrition available to us all but it can be overwhelming and very confusing. How do you know what to trust, whether or not it will work for you and what’s worth spending money on or what’s just a fad? How do you wade through the millions of opinions out there?

Who is giving the advice? You’d be surprised at how many big names in the health and wellness industry actually have no nutrition qualification. Or a qualification from a weekend course or part of a personal training programme, rather than YEARS of science-based nutrition studies.

The other thing to consider is that the internet does not know YOU.

  • If you and I ate exactly the same thing for a month, we would not be in exactly the same state of health.
  • If you and someone with exactly the same health symptoms as you ate exactly the same thing for a month, you still wouldn’t be in exactly the same state of health.
  • If you and someone who weighed exactly the same as you, was exactly the same height, had exactly the same body fat percentage, activity levels ate exactly the same thing for a month, you STILL wouldn’t be in exactly the same state of health.


We have different lifestyles, activity levels, mental health, gut flora and genes.

All of these things mean that what you eat, and how you respond to foods, is unique to you and THAT is why Nutritional Therapy is a thing!

Influencers, personal trainers, your friends – none of these people are qualified to give YOU health advice (unless they actually are, of course!).

(Side note – recommending that people take supplements can be downright dangerous unless you know all the details about their health so PLEASE don’t buy supplements you’ve seen advertised on instagram).

So how am I different? (this involves a little bit of bragging but bear with me!)

Well firstly, I spent 4 years studying nutrition – and that’s after getting two degrees from Edinburgh and Yale and starting a PhD at Oxford in a totally unrelated field first! Basically, academic learning is my thing. Trawling through scientific evidence is a hobby.  You can trust me to leave no stone unturned in researching your case – and to enjoy every second of it!

I’m also qualified and registered under two governing bodies (BANT, CNHC) which means I have to adhere to their rules, ethics and criteria. This includes continued education because nutrition is an evolving field. It also means that all your notes and our consultations together are confidential.

Secondly, if I had two clients with identical health goals, I guarantee you they would not walk away with the same generic plan.

  • I spend 2 hours researching your specific case.
  • I use science to support everything I recommend.
  • I check, double-check and triple check that everything I recommend is safe.
  • I find out what your symptoms are, in great depth.
  • I find out what medication and other supplements you’re taking (if any).
  • I find out what your family history is – are there any predisposing factors to consider?
  • I find out what your lifestyle is like – how active are you? Who does the cooking in your house? Do you avoid certain foods for religious/cultural reasons? Do you have time to cook or do you need options readily available? Do you eat out a lot? Do you eat at home? Do you eat at the office?
  • I find out what you like! This is SO important! I want to help, not make you miserable by telling you to eat a load of stuff you hate!
  • I support you. My packages all include regular check-ins and email support.
  • I work around you. Don’t have the budget for testing? No problem, we’ll work around it. Don’t want to take supplements? Fine – we can stick to food. Hate pills? That’s ok, I’ll find you a liquid alternative.
  • I know my limits. Contrary to the popular saying – food is NOT medicine. Sometimes a client needs actual medicine, and care from someone who is medically trained. Sometimes a client needs a specialist. Sometimes a client needs a little extra support from a mental health professional. If I think you’d be better off in someone else’s hands I’ll help you to find someone more suitable.


The bottom line is that unlike the internet, I get to know you – and can recommend nutrition that is tailored entirely to you.

Still not convinced? Get in touch and let’s arrange a chat – free of charge and no obligation to book.