After struggling with fertility herself, Laura gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience which she now wants to share with other couples as she supports and guides them through their own fertility journey. Laura is now a nutritionist specialising in fertility - helping couples who are struggling to get pregnant to have the family they’ve always dreamed of.

It took a year of trying to conceive before my husband and I were offered any support and anyone who and anyone who has struggled to get pregnant will know the emotional toll it takes as the month roll by. It can become overwhelming, heart-breaking and confusing. I don’t believe that any couple should be expected to go through 12 months before being given support and that’s my big ‘why’. I am fortunate to have the knowledge and experience to help and support other couples in their journey.

Whether a couple has not yet started trying to conceive, has been trying for a few months or a few year, is trying naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF, I am here to help.


My nutrition packages are tailored to each couple or individual’s needs depending on their health and where they are in their fertility journey.

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