I offer a variety of nutrition consultation packages. Each initial consultation will take place in person and subsequent consultations can either be face to face, or by Skype or telephone. All consultations are confidential. I also offer small group workshops or presentations to businesses and organisations on topics ranging from managing energy levels and stress, to boosting the immune system and improving sleep. Get in touch if you’d like more information.

Complimentary 10 minute 'discovery

Arrange a complimentary 10 minute ‘discovery’ phone call with me to see if Nutritional Therapy is for you.

Balance package

12 weeks: £600

This package includes an initial 60-75 minute consultation, two 45-60 minute follow-up consultations and two 20 minute support calls in between. You will have access to my client discount for any supplements or testing that I might recommend.

Functional testing

If appropriate, I might recommend additional testing. This can be an extremely useful tool in assessing the biochemical imbalances in your body, enabling us to build a more targeted nutritional program. I pass on the entirety of any discount I receive to the client, but due to the time it takes to comprehensively interpret functional test results it is necessary for me to charge a £25 fee.


Supplements can be a useful therapeutic tool for optimising health and if appropriate I might recommend adding them to your programme. I use the latest research to select high quality supplements, ensuring that they will not interact with any medication that you might be taking.

Other frequently asked questions:

What happens during my consultation?
In the initial consultation (or Health MOT), we will discuss at length your health history and current concerns – this is an opportunity for me to gather as much information as possible. I will then explain to you the key imbalances that I think might be involved in your symptoms and we will work together to come up with a practical, bespoke nutrition program. We will usually start with simple, achievable steps and make changes as we progress with the program over the course of additional consultations. Should you attend follow-up consultations, we will revisit what we discussed in the previous consultation(s) and discuss anything new that has arisen, adapting the program to suit your evolving needs. If appropriate, I might suggest tests or supplements.

How long will it take to see changes?
This depends entirely on your health goals, the program we construct and the nature of your symptoms and imbalances. Nutritional Therapy is not a quick fix – do not underestimate how hard it can be to implement dietary changes. I like to start with simple steps and change your program as your body adapts. Some clients may see changes within the first month – for some it may take longer.

Booking and cancellation policy
Full payment is required to secure a booking. Should a client cancel up to 48 hours in advance a full refund will be issued.