“After a busy few months taking on some new projects at work and trying to train for an ultra-marathon I became a little overwhelmed and let some of my health habits slip.

I often felt mentally fatigued throughout the day and felt as though I wasn’t recovering as well as I should which was hindering my progression in my sports performance and at work.

After the initial consultation with Laura, she made me aware that a few of my eating habits could be contributing to the way my mind and body were feeling at the time. Laura explained what was going on in a very simple and thought provoking manner, suggesting some simple adjustments I could make to my diet.

When we reviewed my mood and performances at the follow up appointment it was evident that during just 4 weeks, my mental and physical performance had both improved significantly.

I am very thankful for receiving high quality professional advice that I have been able to continue to use and benefit from.

I would highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for nutritional advice and will be using her services again in the future.”


Laura was very understanding of my lifestyle and made her recommendations really easy for me to follow which has meant that I’ve been able to sustain them long-term.